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Solo: Push SRD the Quest


In the last post we took a look at character creation and created our character for Push SRD.
Gudrod the Bear of Quaruna is ready for their quest.

The Quest

In Push SRD the Quest is created by establishing three elements: The Mission, Matrix & Agenda.
The Mission is an inciting incident that requires immediate action.
The Matrix is a table of 36 prompts that the players roll on when they need to create a new scene.
The Agenda is a series of smaller achievements players chase during their adventure.

The Mission

In the SRD the Mission is typically phrased as X wants Y so you must Z otherwise W. Included is an example format and three different d6 tables to roll on (Action, Target, Consequence) to fill the gaps in the format. We will use both the format and the tables to create our Mission.

A foe wants to Conquer Knowledge so you must Overcome Location otherwise Destruction Entity.
With this we refer back to our Pitch and our character (see the last post) to help fill in the gaps.
The Crimson Wizard wants to gain knowledge of the locations of the remaining Lost Relics. Gudrod must escape the Infinite Realms otherwise complete destruction will come to Danorian.

The Matrix

We will be using the premade Matrix table that is provided as an example in the PDF. Typically the Matrix is the only part that I would consider “prep work.” When creating your own game you have to create 36 different prompts. These prompts should be moments you would want to see happen in your game and should reflect the pitch and theme of the game you are creating.

A few examples of these prompts that is provided in the example Matrix table:
A nest of purple snakes, a lost amulet, the Reptile Council is summoned, the whispering forest, brothers on the run, the Battle of Quaruna.

The Agenda

The Agenda is the list of goals that the players are encouraged to explore. Completing goals is a way that the characters are rewarded with items, information, titles, etc. and this is also part of character advancement.
Completing two goals will grant the characters an additional talent or the option to “upgrade” an existing talent. There are a total of six goals.
We will be using the example Agenda included in the PDF.

What’s Next?

Now that we have the Quest we can get to Running the Game.
Next post we will discuss the Loop and get to running the game.

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