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Solo: Push SRD Introduction & Character

Push SRD

For this solo experience we will be using Push SRD by Cezar Capacle.
Push is a cooperative story-driven RPG that doesn’t rely on a game master, skills, abilities or modifies. It simply has one game mechanic, the Push Roll:

Characters in this game are built upon six different character traits. These traits do nothing to modify the die rolls. They are simply descriptors to help define and give your character some structure. Consider them Tags rather than Traits (often in RPGs traits can modify die rolls). These traits are simply a word or short phrase that are designed to be both vague and unique (to ignite your imagination). Through these traits is where the players collaborate to build the world and lore together as they play.

For this solo experience we are using the free SRD PDF (I plan to purchase the premium kit in the coming the week). It explains, in great detail, how to use this system AND how to create your own games with this system. In the explanation of it all is a fantasy game designed by Cezar. This is what we will be using for our game.

Making the Character

Like I mentioned above your character is built upon six starting traits. The traits are under six different categories: Gift, Upbringing, Experience, Mark, Charm and Bond.
Each category is a d6 table that the players roll on (or choose) to define their characters. We will be rolling on each table since I love random generation.
Gift: Bear Strength
Upbringing: Lord of Quaruna
Experience: Storm Bringer
Mark: Always carries a hidden dagger
Charm: A Snow Hawk
Bond: The Forgotten Folk
Before defining our character we need to take a quick look at both the game pitch and themes.

Defining our Character

So immediately after seeing Bear Strength, Storm Bringer and Snow Hawk I thought of the Norns from Guild Wars. I loved their designs when they were first introduced in Guild Wars 1. So we have this large barbarian like character that has a snow hawk as a familiar. Because we know there are magic rituals we can assume Storm Bringer is a magic ritual that can summon/control wintry weather/climate. Not only that this character is a Lord so they have some power (or maybe at least they did) over the lands. Which would tie in with having a bond with the Forgotten Folk (something we can discover while in play).

Gudrod the Bear of Quaruna (They/Them)
Age: 32
Bear Strength – Lord of Quaruna
Storm Bringer – Hidden Dagger
Snow Hawk – The Forgotten Folk (Bond)

What’s Next?

Next post we will go over creating a quest for our character. Once our quest is establish we can use all of the elements to give more flavor to our character and start the adventure.

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